Wisdom is personal

It is the intimate realisation of mind, awakening to its original nature and understanding how it works.


We live in the era of the curated life

Social media gives us an unprecedented ability to craft and present a happy front. This shifts the business of bliss away from how happy we feel, to the perhaps more culturally urgent matter of how happy we look.

– from Ruth Whippman’s book ‘America the Anxious – how our pursuit of happiness is creating a nation of nervous wrecks’

Entertaining mind

When we feel drowsy or there is lack of attention, then we can learn this about ourselves: that without having some entertainment in the mind, we go to sleep.

The mind wants to be entertained. It wants to read a book, watch television, do some work, anything to be occupied and entertained. It cannot be happy and concentrated just on its own.

– Ayya Khema

Three layers of reality

There is the layer of natural physical reality (events manifesting based on physics).

There is the layer of artificial social reality (events occurring based on mutual agreement and shared imagination).

There is the layer of personal conscious reality (events perceived based on sensory conceptualization and mental belief).