Skill mastery

Through practice – repetition and variation – skill is deepened through:

1) understanding principles (allowing adaptation)

2) following procedures (sequential)

3) strengthening associations (simultaneous)



Isolated systems of atoms and molecules spontaneously tend to occupy all available energetic microstates thermally accessible to them and tend to change to any arrangement or macro state that provides more such microstates. Thus, spontaneous change is toward a condition of greater probability of energy dispersion.

Energy of any type disperses from being localized to becoming spread out if it is not constrained.


The nature of words

Words work only with things that have limit, because these limited things have definition and so can be defined by words.

For that which is limitless and thus have no definition, we have no words for it. We can’t speak about or explain it.

There is only an awakening of our mind to it, through the help perhaps of pointing words.

Emptiness of emptiness

If we actually investigate something – any thing – we will find that it is made up of constituent parts that are not that thing.

And if we continue to investigate the constituent parts, we will find that they are made up of other constituent parts that are not them.

Such that we may eventually realise, perhaps there are only the appearance of characteristics which are dependent on causes/conditions. There were never any things or parts or constituents in the first place.

But what the heck are causes/conditions then?

Can’t lose

While farmers farmed, the priests prayed and worked out a fantastic calendar so everyone would know when to sow their seeds and when to expect the rain.

This was a great success. If the rains came then the priests said, “We told you we were good!” If the rains didn’t come the priests said, “You people must have been bad – the gods are annoyed – don’t blame us!”

– Horrible Histories: The Angry Aztecs


A person who enjoys learning the details of programming systems and how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary.

– The Hacker’s Dictionary