If only I could make a deal with God and get Him to swap our places

A man prays to God every night asking:

“Oh, please grant me my wish, because I am the most miserable person in the world. Why do I suffer so much? Why me? Why? Oh please, just let me exchange my misery with somebody, anybody. I’m not asking much, just this one wish.”

And one night he dreams that God spoke to the town through a great voice from the heaven:

“Gather all your miseries into bundles and bring them to the temple!”

So everyone in the town gathered their miseries into bundles and brought them to the temple. The man did so too, eager and excited.

As he rushed to the temple, he saw others carrying bundles that were much bigger than his. And these were people whom he used to see smiling in their beautiful clothes and saying clever little things to one another. The man hesitated, and walked a little slower than before.

Eventually he arrived at the temple and placed his bundle in the middle of the hall just like everyone else. But no one quite knew what to do next. They stood around anxiously staring at the stack of miserable bundles. As they worried, the size of every bundle grew. Until a great voice finally boomed from heaven:

“Now you can choose any bundle you like!”

And everyone rushed to take their own, relieved and happy with their choice.


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