Desiring and renouncing

It is possible to understand renunciation in a way that resonates more deeply within us. We can begin to see that addiction is the burden, and that not buying into it is the freedom. Imagine yourself watching television with endless commercials and desiring everything you see. That would be a state of tremendous suffering compared with the peace of just letting them all pass by. To let go of the commercials on TV is easy; letting go of the endless commercials in our mind is more difficult.

Because desire frequently overcomes us, we often feel that the only way to deal with it is to gratify it in some way. We may have the idea that if we do not fulfill the desire it will be with us until we do. Yet if we have enough strength of mind just to be with it, to be mindful, we see that it goes away by itself.

– Joseph Goldstein


2 thoughts on “Desiring and renouncing

    1. Reading his book “The Practice of Freedom”. Writing down some of his words that struck me, sort of as a personal reminder and reinforcement. Good book.

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