Knowledge and suffering

Nature has no regard for ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. When She kills, She kills – ‘good’ people, ”bad’ people, any people. She operates according to the law of survival. Survival of the fittest.

Humans can’t help knowing ‘right’ and ”wrong’. And that is why we were kicked out the garden of innocence. The fruit stain of knowledge is so pervasive that our every thought and every action stems from our determination of what’s ‘good’ and what’s ‘bad’.

Yet we will never know if the ‘good’ is really good or if the ‘bad’ is truly bad. Such is the nature of reality. And so we will know constant anxiety. We will know constant worry. We will never be at peace – always restless, always afraid, always insecure.

How many of us can abandon this knowledge? How many of us can act without knowledge arising? How many of us can dance simply through our pure awareness of music and be that innocent child again?

For until we do so, we can only accept suffering. Because knowing is suffering. And once known, it is known. You can’t pretend and escape from that.


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