Cup with a hole

Everyone’s cup has a hole.
Though most people try to fill it full with thoughts and fantasies and love and desire, the cup leaks.

You can pour a sea of whatever in it; all drips away inevitably. You can pour an ocean of everything in it; still all drips away. Eventually. We are dissatisfied. There seems no way we can be fulfilled for long. There’s just nothing we can hold on to. And we try so hard, so very hard refilling the cup, only to keep losing the things and people we love. They just go away. They keep on going away. Everything. Everyone. The cup leaks.

How then can we keep the cup full, always?

Immerse it in the stream. The cup is always draining and it is always filling too. We don’t have to do anything. Just immerse in the flow.

What is the flow? Current.
What is current? The present.
What is the present? A gift magical and always.

This is the secret of awakening. The secret of fulfillment.


5 thoughts on “Cup with a hole”

  1. most excellent. rarely do I find pieces that make me STOP and re-read and then pause and THINK. this did. I appreciate your insight, your talent of phrasing a thought, and had to tweet it. thanks for sharing a great secret! an unknown friend, momentummikey 🙂

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