Images in the mirror

Consciousness is like a mirror and wiping its surface is not going to help clear the images away.

Recognize that consciousness is already pure and clean, that’s why it can be like a reflecting mirror.

Realise that consciousness is untaintable and incorruptible regardless of the content. Much like the mirror cannot be contaminated and defiled by the images it reflects.

And witness that you are pure incorruptible consciousness itself, in that instant when the mind is empty and the mirror reflects nothing.

After awakening to your true self, meditation will begin to make sense. You can start transforming some parts of your mind that send things to consciousness.


8 thoughts on “Images in the mirror”

    1. Yes, thoughts and ideas are not consciousness itself. They are the contents of consciousness. I have yet to find a good word to name these contents in a general way. Quasi-consciousness is possible but rather long and mouthful. A short and intuitive clear word would be great – something like ‘idea’. Not sure if you have any suggestions?

      1. A word for what comprises consciousness? Such a word may be included in an article about phenomenology,or perhaps psychology (but probably not).

      2. Consciousness seems to be a confusing word and subject in psychology. But science is progressing. Someday perhaps they will sort it out.

      3. Alan Watts called it a “think”: a thing which the thought is composing. Or perhaps “thought-form”. Either way, with abstractions of this level, it’s a challenge to come up with anything that doesn’t end up being a nonsense word in the end anyway.

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