Where do they come from?

When you say something to someone – do you think and conjure up the words first before releasing through the mouth? Or do they come and go as they are, while you, only aware of them after having spoken?

The words you are using and talking. Do you choose them? Or do they choose you?

Where do words come from in the first place? They seem to just spring up and string themselves up on their own – forming phrases, sentences, speeches.
Still we believe we know what we are talking about. Rationalizing, justifying, bull-shitting – only on hindsight.

How is it we can speak without first being conscious of the words? What’s the point of consciousness then?

And where do they go afterward? Do they disappear? Do they die? Waiting to reincarnate in another phrase, another sentence, another speech?

We shall find the source, oh yes, we shall find the source… of all words where they come from, and all words where they die.

This is what some zen masters call – 照顾话头。


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