I Ching: the four outcomes

吉凶晦吝 生乎动者也

Good bad unclear difficult – the four outcomes are born of action.


Only one of four is favorable. Thus the need for wisdom when acting. Or simply be still. There is peace.

When you have realised this, respect the sincere doers, be it success or failure. They are paying the price.


2 thoughts on “I Ching: the four outcomes

  1. Can’t one say that the sincere doers are acting out of some desire? In that way, being still makes since. I’d rather call these the “four ‘opined’ outcomes” since such distinctions are arbitrary in Taoism.

    1. Let me put it this way: if it is like what you said, then you should have been still and not made any comment at all. Yet why did you do so? Are you a sincere doer or not?

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