A bubble is not a ‘thing’

A bubble is an event, as with all ‘things’.

What is an event?
A process. A flowing current that cannot be apprehended. As if continuously coming from nothing and going into nothing – as if an ever-changing cycle of birth and death.

And so the ‘things’ we know as things are also events, but ones that have formed into a seemingly persistent system – circulating the current into definable patterns, giving the flow temporary forms.


From near the first few lines of Laozi’s 道德经:

无 名天地之始
有 名万物之母
故常无 欲以观其妙
常有 欲以观其徼
此两者 同出而异名
同谓之玄 玄之又玄 众妙之门
(‘Don’t Have’ is named the beginning of the universe
‘Have’ is named the mother of everything
Thus of ‘Don’t Have’, observe the miracles
Thus of ‘Have’, observe the returns
Both of them, simultaneous but different names
Together known as inexplicable, and inexplicable upon inexplicable, door of all miracles)


From Zhuangzi’s 齐物论:

方生方死 方死方生
方可方不可 方不可方可
(Just born just died, just died just born
Just can just cannot, just cannot just can)


One of the Chinese names for Buddha is 如来 (which literally means – as if it comes).
This is from the Diamond Sutra:

如来者 无所从来 亦无所去 故名如来
(Buddha, from nothing comes, also to nothing goes, thus named Buddha – as if it comes)


The crude English translations are my own.


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