Life and death 2

Life is a bubble,
floating along the stream,
like a dream.

Death is a burst,
awakening in an instant,
to nothingness.


2 thoughts on “Life and death 2”

    1. There are two points to take note here. First, emptiness or nothingess is a name. You can also call it Tao, home or the Source. It is that which gives birth and receives death, that which hides and reveals. Second, the bubble is not a ‘thing’. It is an event, a continuous transformation, a constant dying and living, as the way/path of the bubble is being updated – hidden and revealed at the same time to the present moment. So is the bubble gone? Or is it hidden? Or is it transformed? Or is it simply an ever-changing event that’s part of the bigger ever-changing event of the universe? If it is an ever-changing event, it is always gone but never gone. It can’t be apprehended. The ancients who know that give it a name for the convenience of communication. They call it Tao, emptiness, source, home, God…

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