About suffering

Avoiding suffering doesn’t bring lasting peace and happiness, but losing the fear of it and accepting it helps.

Suffering and happiness can co-exist in a state of peace.


2 thoughts on “About suffering”

  1. How so? I think of peace as happiness, and I think of happiness as a state of contentedness because otherwise it would be transient. My question: how can happiness and suffering harmonize when suffering is the very thing that begets unhappiness? I think the meaning of suffering is construed as something else that digress from the accepted meaning found in taoism and buddhism.

    1. I use the word ‘happiness’ as in feeling pleasant feelings, and ‘suffering’ as in feeling unpleasant feelings. So it is possible that they co-exist – like how some people may enjoy a horror movie – scared and thrilled at the same time. And you are right, such feelings are transient. They are also inevitable. Therefore trying to avoid inevitable suffering is itself a cause of suffering. What the taoists and buddhists seek to attain, however, is something else, and difficult to translate into English or even words. And thus this is the challenge of appreciating what the old spiritual texts really mean.

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