Reinventing yourself

It is not impossible, but very difficult to reprogram the ‘person’ you are when the ‘person’ programs themselves are running at full speed.

You may need to enter into safe mode, and end the relevant programs, before you can make drastic edits to the codes.

It is very difficult to change who ‘you’ are when you are being who ‘you’ are.

Certain meditative state is like the safe mode of the computer, allowing you, the user, to make changes to the programs of your mind. It starts by stopping and forgetting who you are.

The main operating system is much more difficult to alter, however.
You have to die, to be reborn.
And awakenings are such deaths.
Such conceptual deaths activate a powerful physical energy that can alter the hardware of the mind. This is the dragon energy that courses through and arouses the tiger passions.

So the trouble is:
Can you subdue the dragon and tame the tiger (降龙伏虎)?


Hell is other people

Abandon not so much sensory pleasures which focus you on the present, but the egoistic joys that drive you crazy, sprinting non-stop towards that gold at the bottom of the rainbow.

Just look at the prejudiced dictators.
Just look at the power-hungry politicians.
Just look at the vengeful terrorists.
What are they seeking?
A paradise that is at the expense of others.

Thus a society that’s built upon people driven by egoistic joys soon resort to feeding and eating itself up.
The people cannibalise one another mentally, spiritually.
And so, like what Sartre mentioned:
“Hell is other people.”
For we are stepping on the bodies and souls of our fellow humans to reach for a heaven false and non-existent.


We are programmed to desire attention and, especially, validation from others.

Some people seek validation openly.
Some people do so covertly.
It is often a matter of pride that causes the covertness.

Ask and you’ll be given

We sit silent suddenly
And I take a look at your face
And I see
That look on your face
A thought thus
Easy and uneasy
Slips into my mind
Real or perceived
I can’t tell
I can’t tell if it is
Real or perceived
So, the spinning goes
On and on until
I’m dizzy with terrifying palpitations
Finally, oh finally
I dare to ask:
“Did I say something wrong?”
Huh what, is your reply
Then a smile breaks on your face
It’s not you, you tell me
You didn’t say anything wrong
It’s just me, silly me,
I bit my own tongue a while ago.

And both of us smile in the new silence.


A brief respite
A quiet sanctuary
You are safe
Time to collect your thoughts

Illusions and facts
Your own conceptual beliefs
Reality’s true incidents
Separate them, sort it out
Then, pieces by pieces
Fitting and fitting
Settle for a dynamic stability
So that when you step outside
To act once again
You are in the middle
In the eye of the storm
Calm and aware
What you have to do

Religious business? Haha

Preacher preaching love like vengeance
Preaching love like hate
Calling for large donations
Promising estates
Rolling lawns and angel bands
Behind the pearly gates
You know he will have his in this life
But yours will have to wait
He’s immaculately tax free

“Multiple hundreds of thousands of…”
Tax free
“Hundreds and millions of dollars”
Tax free
“A hundred billion dollars!
And who is paying the price?
Who who
Your children are”

– from Joni Mitchell’s song ‘Tax Free’

God must be a boogie man

He is three
One’s in the middle unmoved
To show what he sees
To the other two
To the one attacking – so afraid
And the one that keeps trying to love and trust
And getting himself betrayed
In the plan – oh
The divine plan
God must be a boogie man

– from the song ‘God must be a boogie man’

The house

You think you’ve made it
That you’ve made it
Building this house
This house
That is just cards
That when the wind comes, blows,
Everything goes
Falling apart

The trick of course
Is to have no house
But you can’t help
Oh yes you can’t
Help but pick up the pieces
To make this house of cards
Home again