Singapore in the Tao and De

Tao (the Way) is creativity and pervading – freeing of raw energy.
De (Virtue) is stability and consolidating – regulating the existing forces.
Like the Taichi wheel, both yin-yang are inseparable. And for life to flourish, we need the interplay of Tao and De.

To view things very simplistically:
The core of American culture is largely Tao.
The core of Chinese culture is largely De.
The stage, it seems, is set for a rebalancing of power.

Singapore is in a unique position to know and appreciate the moves of China and America, and communicate them quietly to the ASEAN region and the world.
Singapore is also a unique friend to America and China, and can play the vital role of helpful messenger – explaining and facilitating communication between the two.

When small countries have no relevance to the world, they generally fade away.
If we really look forward to a SG100, it is important for Singaporeans to realise what our country can contribute to the world.


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