The effect of awakening

Awakening has that effect of dispelling ideas temporarily.
For a stretch of time, the awakened person is not enchanted by ideas.
In a way, you can say that the awakened person is disenchanted – liberated from the illusory spells of ideology.
With ideological liberation, misery is lessened, because most mental sufferings are caused by wars raging between ideas in the mind.
When the infighting and internal struggle stop, one experiences a profound peace and clarity.
This is the powerful effect of awakening.

But the human is not just subjected to the top-down force of ideas.
There is also the bottom-up force of biology.
Without constant meditative practice, even an awakened person will succumb to the force of this bottom-up process eventually.
So to liberate oneself from this spell-binding biological force, one needs to attain nirvana.

To attain nirvana, the pre-natal energy necessary to ‘re-wire’ the biological system needs to be activated.
And to activate the pre-natal energy, one needs to make use of the ’empty’ state witnessed in the awakening.

This activation of the pre-natal energy is thus another powerful effect of awakening.


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