All things that have form

Have patterns of force
Have momentum
And so have karma manifested
As fate

Things that are formless
Are called no-thing
Are called ’emptiness’
And so the karma is hidden
As potential
As possibilities


Physical appearances

“Now I am quite sure that if we had these three creatures fossilized or preserved in spirits for comparison and were quite unprejudiced judges, we should at once admit that there is very little greater interval interval as animals between the gorilla and the man than exists between the gorilla and the baboon.”

– Thomas Henry Huxley

For show

How many of the things you do today is for other people to see?

If no other humans exist on earth, would you still do those things?

Why is it so difficult to be unaffected by what others think of you?

Be aware of how motivation works in your mind.
Then you can start to clear your karma.

Original stillness

Hey look, they say
Look, the shadow is moving, they tell me
I look
And I observe
And I contemplate upon it
Finally I shake my head
No, I say
The shadow is still
The shadow has always been still, I tell them
It’s light that’s moving

What is the nature of shadow?
Empty of light.

DNA, the word of God

For in eating the apple of knowledge,
men have sought to be the Creator himself,
and so in finding the word of God in their own bodies,
they are changing the instruction,
altering the commandment,
and thus re-designing life on Earth,
and soon, perhaps,
even living forever,
to be gods themselves.

Yet in doing so,
they would find no satisfaction,
find no rest,
and never be at peace,
for the job of a purposeful god
is eternal vigilance,
a burden that shall never end.

Striving, driven by the power of knowledge, is the flaming sword that guards the entrance
to the Garden of Eden.
It burns us.
And it is written in us, in our DNA,
to burn us forward
forward further
and further away from innocence.

For only the innocent are safe from the flaming sword.
And only the innocent may return to paradise.

If we could change the word of God in us, what would we change?

Emotions and decisions

The emotional system is like a council that judges and informs the mind on what is important.
It is able to generate powerful urges.
Thus the emotional system is a council that helps the mind make decisions.

However, the effortful system of the mind which works top-down can override and even neutralize the urges.
This effortful system functions like a command centre.
It listens not just to emotions, but also follow rules and make predictions.
It has the capacity to plan ahead.

The usual way to deal with undesirable urges is to override and suppress them.
Meditation teaches you to neutralize the urges by simply letting go and surrender in a state of open awareness.

Surrendering is not succumbing to the urges.
Surrendering is letting the urges go away quietly.

Computer and Artificial Intelligence

We used to create computer top-down, by inputting lots of rules.

Now, to improve artificial intelligence, we are letting computer learn bottom-up, through lots of association.
And hopefully, such a computer can learn to modify the rules initially inputted in it.

When will the day be when computer becomes as sophisticated as our mind?
Will such a day come?