The magic of evolution (Tao De)

Mutation is random.
But natural selection is, as the name implies, selective.

How does natural selection work?
Survival of the fittest.

Tao (the Way) is entropy – creating and destroying at the same time.
De (the virtue) is synchrony – interacting and surviving.

This is the magic of evolution.
Not just of life, but everything in the universe.

Tao gives birth, virtue stores, things are formed, momentum is established

Evolution, which is mostly cumulative, is this momentum.
Mutation, which is about random changes, is like 道 (tao).
Natural selection, which is about survival, is like 德* (virtue).

*take note:
The original meaning of 德 (virtue) is devoid of morality.
德 is probably from the word 得, which has the exact same sound (de) but which means ‘having it or getting it’.
Thus those who have it or who get it, survive and prosper in the creative/destructive Tao.


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