What is ’emptiness’?

It is a point of singularity so small that it has no interior.

Most things have form because they have dimensions – length, breadth, height.

This point of singularity is so small that it has no dimension. And so it is called ’emptiness’.

Because it has no dimension, this point of singularity is also an infinity.
The Chinese calls it: 太极 (the ultimate extreme).

Awakening happens when we are able to strip consciousness bare, to its original nature – the point of singularity.
At that instant, consciousness expands and explodes to infinity.

When consciousness is a point of singularity, it is also the point of stillness.
It has no form and no substance, and so it can’t be affected by the mood and emotional storm of the mind.

Consciousness is still, even as the weather changes unceasingly.

Such a state of consciousness is what spiritualists call: non-attachment.

Zhuangzi calls it: 滑疑之耀 (the shining of smooth wonderment)
Or we can simply call it – enlightenment (the weightless illumination).


Names are just convenient labels. Don’t be attached to them.


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