Monkeys writing a coherent novel

When you have a few monkeys in a room, hitting randomly at the keys of typewriters, it will take nearly an infinite amount of time before a coherent novel would be produced.

How do you shorten the time needed?
Have more monkeys.

An infinite number of monkeys would only take an instant of time to produce a coherent novel.
And so this is, how our universe comes about.

Interestingly, once the book is done, the sequel writes itself – inertial momentum.
We are in this sequel right now.

The third book is about the end, of course.
The usual trilogy.


2 thoughts on “Monkeys writing a coherent novel

  1. Monkeys won’t stop at the third. They will write 8 more novels. Anyways, it is weird to think about the potential time it takes for such a small chance to occur (the big bang), and even weirder to think about monkeys typing a novel by chance.

    1. It feels weird to have something rather than nothing. Why is there a universe rather than no universe? Why is there something rather than nothing? Science may explain the ‘how’ but we have to invent the ‘why’ ourselves.

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