The electron is perhaps a taichi?

The free electron is all possibilities at everywhere and everywhen.

Captured by proton, it is a wave-cloud of probability across space and time.

Measured by instruments, it is a particle-event of certainty in the here and now.

The original nature of electron is ’emptiness’.
What is apprehended of electron is only its appearance – an event.
The appearance of electron has no ‘self’ independently existing on its own.
It manifests only because of the convergence of causes and conditions.
When the causes and conditions no longer meet, this electron simply ‘disappears’.

Perhaps this is what the buddhists call dependent origination?
Perhaps this is what the taoists call taichi?
Perhaps this is what the scientists call quantum mechanics?


Trinity: analogue + digital

Tao gives birth to taichi – the singular infinity, which is the ultimate analogue system.

Taichi gives birth to yin-yang – the dueling duality, which is the binary digital system.

Taichi and yin-yang forms the trinity – the constant change, which thus manifests all phenomena.

Constant change is energy, is information field, is number, is nature.
Mathematics is the language which we try to express this nature.


Enlightened state of mind

The attendant of the top-down process is transformed into an observer.
The mind’s sky shines but doesn’t burn.

The base seeds of the bottom-up process is decontaminated and purified clean.
The mind’s sea ripples in harmony with reality.

This is what confucianists might call 天人合一 (unity of heaven and human) or 中庸 (golden median).
This is what taoists might call 无为(non-striving) or 逍遥游 (free and easy flow).
This is what buddhists might call 应无所住而生其心 (the mind that arises from non-dwelling).

The magic of evolution (Tao De)

Mutation is random.
But natural selection is, as the name implies, selective.

How does natural selection work?
Survival of the fittest.

Tao (the Way) is entropy – creating and destroying at the same time.
De (the virtue) is synchrony – interacting and surviving.

This is the magic of evolution.
Not just of life, but everything in the universe.

Tao gives birth, virtue stores, things are formed, momentum is established

Evolution, which is mostly cumulative, is this momentum.
Mutation, which is about random changes, is like 道 (tao).
Natural selection, which is about survival, is like 德* (virtue).

*take note:
The original meaning of 德 (virtue) is devoid of morality.
德 is probably from the word 得, which has the exact same sound (de) but which means ‘having it or getting it’.
Thus those who have it or who get it, survive and prosper in the creative/destructive Tao.

Live like you are going to die

any moment.

Fate is unpredictable. Shit happens.
So, live your life in such a way that you are prepared to die anytime, anywhere.

Nothing will be taken for granted.
Every second is a gift.
And you are grateful for the present.
Because that’s all you have. For now.
For now.
Because it will soon end.

Nothing can be taken along with you.
In death, you own nothing.
In life, you own nothing too.
Because you can’t bring them with you.
All will soon be gone.
A chance encounter – a temporary experience – that’s what it is.
That’s all there is.
You don’t have to cling and worry and fear losing anything.
Because there’s nothing to lose.
You don’t have to be wary, constantly on guard; you don’t have to be anxious.
There’s nothing to possess and protect.
There’s only the changing stream of present.
The ever-flowing current of now.
It flows; it’s gone, and it’s coming; it’s gone, and it’s coming…
Drink from this river and be refreshed.

Masks are not needed.
You can stop acting. You can drop the facade.
Because you know you will die any moment.
What’s the point of pretending?
You don’t have to wait to say ‘I love you’, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘please forgive me’.
You don’t have to wait until you are dying.
Because you are dying, just as you are living.
Every instant lived is an instant closer to death.
You don’t have to wait to say those words that matter.
You can say it now.
You are dying.
There’s no need to pretend anymore.
You don’t have to be numb.

I love you.
And I’m really sorry.
Will you, please forgive me?

There’s no more burden. You can release it.
There’s no more judgement. You can let go of it.
There’s no need to justify yourself.
What is there to justify anyway?
And so, there’s no internal struggle, no self-inflicted tiredness.
Your mind is free to focus. You can do your daily tasks easily.
Because doubts are fading. Clouds are clearing.
There’s clarity.
And you can wonder now.
And be amazed.
By the wonderful world of magic.
Pause, and appreciate this magic:
‘How does all this come to be?’
‘How goes this changing pattern of everything?’
It’s just, wondrous.
Joyful perhaps, painful perhaps, wondrous nevertheless.

Pause from your usual busy business of rushing to somewhere.
Round and round in circles?
What are you really busy with?
Cease from your usual busy business of achieving something.
What are you really trying to achieve?
Observe and contemplate.
You don’t have to go somewhere to achieve something.
You don’t have to rush.
Because somehow, deep inside, you already know what the true destination is.
And that whatever you do, you will still reach it eventually.
There’s no need to rush all the time.
We are all going to die.
Take time to pause and cease.
For reality becomes fuller and clearer when you are slower and aware.
Living becomes deeper.
Your experiences, richer.
You begin to know yourself a little better, that the child is still in here.
That you can still be childish.
And wonder.
And be amazed.
By the magic of life and the universe.
By the mystery of fate.
Wonder, and the world is wonder-ful.

Forget the stories and lies you tell yourself.
To deceive and distract yourself from suffering.
Because to turn away from suffering, you turn away from joy and compassion and truth and kindness.
You turn away from reality.
By repeating the stories and lies to escape suffering, you make yourself false, inauthentic.
You turn yourself numb into a gnawing void of living dead.
You try so hard not to feel that instead you crave so much for that intense pleasure – just to know you still exist.
Existing is not true living.
Existing is just, existing.
The hunger remains. The thirst is burning.
You will never be fulfilled.

Embrace your dying life.
Embrace it.
Live like you are going to die any moment.
Your senses are sharpened.
Your spirit is keen.
You are elevated, you are energized, simply to live.
Vitality. Freedom. Gratefulness.
This is awakening.
You are awakened.

Death is still waiting for you but now you are unafraid.
For it is the final destination – home.
Where you can rest, in peace.
It is always waiting for you.

Meanwhile, you still have the gift – the present – and so,
you have a life to live.
The journey moves itself. It’s fate.
All you have to do,
is to live like you are going to die any moment.
That’s what you have to do, to live.

It’s not difficult to understand this idea. It’s quite simple.
But to really test its claim, to really appreciate its power, you have to do it.
Live for a week like you are going to die any moment.
A month.
A year.
For the rest of your life.
Then you will know for yourself what awakened living is possibly like.

The secret path

For there are those who have found the secret path
And so embrace the mysterious ecstasies of suffering
They welcome the pain and hardship
No, they worship the pain and hardship
To be touched and burned
By the holy spirit, the sacred fire
For all is revealed:
The wonders…
In suffering.

This is the secret path.

The ego is a cloud

It is whatever ideas it is attached to at the moment, and it runs the mind according to these ideas.

Ideas, like bacteria, follow the law of ‘survival of the fittest’ too.
They can evolve to form parasitic or symbiotic relationships with the ego.

What is ’emptiness’?

It is a point of singularity so small that it has no interior.

Most things have form because they have dimensions – length, breadth, height.

This point of singularity is so small that it has no dimension. And so it is called ’emptiness’.

Because it has no dimension, this point of singularity is also an infinity.
The Chinese calls it: 太极 (the ultimate extreme).

Awakening happens when we are able to strip consciousness bare, to its original nature – the point of singularity.
At that instant, consciousness expands and explodes to infinity.

When consciousness is a point of singularity, it is also the point of stillness.
It has no form and no substance, and so it can’t be affected by the mood and emotional storm of the mind.

Consciousness is still, even as the weather changes unceasingly.

Such a state of consciousness is what spiritualists call: non-attachment.

Zhuangzi calls it: 滑疑之耀 (the shining of smooth wonderment)
Or we can simply call it – enlightenment (the weightless illumination).


Names are just convenient labels. Don’t be attached to them.

Miserable suffering is a state of mind

Pain is inevitable;
Misery/happiness is optional.

Despite pain, we can still enjoy life in peace and happiness.
Pain does not cause misery.
It is the struggle to reject pain that causes misery.

Many people enjoy eating spicy food.
The more pain caused to the tongue, the greater the enjoyment.
It is not pain that makes us suffer in misery.
It is the struggle to reject, to avoid, to deny reality that makes us suffer.
Miserable suffering is a state of mind.

Observe pain as it is.
Physical pain.
Emotional pain.
It hurts. But it is not you. It is reality.

Dispel your illusory beliefs and stories.
Appreciate reality as it is.
There is a profound peace and happiness in it.


Serenity prayer

“God, give me
The courage to do what I can,
The serenity to accept what I can’t,
And the wisdom to know the difference.”