Singapore general election rally 2015

Much of the rally talk by various political parties during this general election revolves ultimately around limited resources.
Be it about population, transport, healthcare.

Perhaps because politics is about the allocation of finite resources – thus the need for government.

But the fundamental problem of human misery cannot be alleviated simply through the allocation of physical resources.
We, human beings, have a spiritual aspect too.

Why is it that there were so many people in Singapore who chose to suffer when Lee Kuan Yew passed away, by queuing up for hours just to pay their respect in the Parliament House where his dead body lay?
And yet this physical suffering of waiting and queuing did not cause dissatisfaction or anger or misery; instead there was a certain elevation of our spirit.
Why is it that we intentionally seek certain suffering with gratefulness and thanks?
And why is it that we are angry and afraid of certain suffering and try so hard to avoid it?

The current political debate over finite resources like land and money and population seems to distract us from our true spiritual needs.
We must know this: we actually possess the infinite capacity to feed the souls of our fellow Human Beings, be they Singaporeans or not.
Because what our souls hunger for is acceptance. And kindness. And compassion.

It doesn’t cost anything to say a kind word. Our capacity to love and accept is limitless. We, as humans, are special because we have compassion.
It is these things, and only such things, that can fill us up spiritually.
Things like physical resources are important, definitely. But they are not the only things that matter.
We must not confuse our spiritual need with our physical need.

When allocating finite resources, there is always a trade-off.
When giving love, accepting others, showing kindness and being compassionate, however, everyone ends up better.

So, when this General Election is over, let us not forget our spiritual aspect. Let us not be distracted by political arguments and divide ourselves up.
When we beg outwards, we are at the mercy of external factors.
We lose dignity.
When we search inwards, we can be liberated and free.
We may discover the infinite treasure within – of acceptance and kindness and compassion.
And we can stop begging and start giving.
Because we are liberated. These spiritual things are free.


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