You are

not the contents of your consciousness.

You are consciousness itself.

When you are angry, you are not that anger.
You are the consciousness that’s aware of anger.

When you are sad, you are not that sadness.
You are the consciousness that’s awareness of sadness.


Attention vs awareness in meditation

The more concentrated the attention, the smaller the awareness.

Relax the attention and the awareness grows.

When attention is finally lost, awareness seems infinite.

So in meditation,
We use attention to quiet the mind,
And we use awareness to contemplate reality.

Sincerity and camouflage

Many people don’t think there is a need to transform themselves into a better person.

They are interested in projecting an image that impresses others instead.
As long as others believe that they are good, that is enough.
What the truth is doesn’t matter to them.

The spiritual path is different.
What others believe of you doesn’t matter.
What’s important is your own self-realization and your own mind-transformation.

Crossing towards nirvana

After you have awakened, you make use of the enlightened state to activate pre-natal energy.

Learn to harness and ride this energy.

Use this energy to find the power plugs and switch them on/off accordingly.

Nirvana, the full extinguishment, is the secret combination of switches which still leaves consciousness on.

Meditation is not escaping. It is not training you to become a stone.

Main cause of misery

Obsession and fixation are often the main causes of misery.
Whenever you are miserable, ask yourself – what am I obsessed with? what am I fixated on?

Obsession and fixation rigidify and distort the mind.
To have a flowing fluid mind, keep consciousness still in non-attachment.
There will thus be an easy spontaneity to your mind.


What is that ‘thing’ which knows and which feels?

When you are angry, you know you are angry and you feel angry too.
But the ‘thing’ that knows and feels is unchanged.
It is not affected by the emotion.
It is unmoved.

It simply knows and feels.
Whatever the emotion that arises.

To be awakened, find that ‘thing’.
When you have found it, you will realise that you are actually searching for the ‘thing’ that searches.
You are searching for yourself.

Look back at the ‘thing’ that is looking.
The mirror reflects the mirror.
In the reiterative emptiness, you will witness who you are.


Don’t impose a form onto ’emptiness’, just so you can define it in your mind.
Emptiness has no definition.

Don’t try to give ’emptiness’ an appearance, just so you can grasp it in your mind.
Emptiness cannot be apprehended.

Don’t go looking for emptiness.
It is not a destination.
You don’t actually have to find it.
It always is.
As it is.

On the other hand, it is not that there is nothing in this world.
But that the basis of everything in this world is ’emptiness’ – the original nature of all appearances.
Another way to try to represent this ’emptiness’ is to use the word ‘undifferentiated’.

To appreciate this ‘undifferentiated emptiness’, look at a cup everyday.
Appreciate the use of empty space.
Stare at it everyday.
Until the cup disappears and only emptiness remains.

Who are you at this moment?