Identity is also a story

An interesting talk given by Yuval Noah Harari.


Humans live in dual realities but most people do not realise that. Often they perceive all that’s happening in the theatre of their mind as one and the same, unable to distinguish the difference between physical reality and fictional reality.

When a person says “you are stupid”, you become upset.

When a person says “you are clever”, you become overjoyed.

What is the physical reality of these words spoken to you? Why do these sound waves trigger such emotional responses? Why can’t these same sound waves affect your body similarly when you are deep asleep?


Even if you know that words are just words, and that they can’t hurt you unless you allow them to, you still can’t help but be hurt by them. Why?

Knowledge is not enough. You can’t dispel illusions with knowledge. That is why people tread the spiritual path. That is why people meditate. That is the importance of awakening and enlightenment.


“Who are you?”


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