The mind naturally predicts and prepares by anticipating.

But don’t let the anticipation become an expectation.
And worse, don’t let the expectation become an entitlement.

Allow the mind to be in its natural fluid state.
Don’t fixate into rigidity.



Suffering is opportunity

The mind has a narrative layer.
Reframe suffering as opportunity to clear your karma debts.

The more sincere you repay, the more the karma is cleared.
You will then feel a greater liberation – a freer and easier mind.

Even good karma accumulated should be given away.
Share happiness with others sincerely.
Give them your good karma with no expectation.
This is the big path to liberation.


Principles of growth

Most living things follow these two principles of growth:
– over-compensation
– surplus-reduction

That is why our fractured bone becomes harder after recovery (over-compensation effect).
That is why our muscles become weaker when under utilized (surplus-reduction effect).

Self transformation

The failing of our so-called modern education is mainly due to our simplistic interpretation that the self is determined by genes (nature) and environment (nurture).

It is the ancient who believes in the idea of self-development.
That we, ourselves, have the free will and capacity to transform and transcend ourselves.

We are not helpless – purely dependent on things outside of our control (like genes and environment).
Instead we can actually achieve awakening and enlightenment through our own efforts.

The self can rely on itself to transform itself.
This is the difference between our so-called knowledge-based education and the wisdom of the ancients.

As parents and educators, please teach our children the art of self-transformation.
And may our children grow up to be independent, contented, compassionate and kind.

Base seeds

Ideas are the base seeds of the mind and which are initially hidden from consciousness.

The base seeds upon warmed by the psychic energy through the six gates of mind, are revealed and thus arise through the layers as ideas.

It is the configuration of the hottest ideas at the surface that consciousness is aware of, thus forming perception.

The chronos of mind

The past mind cannot be apprehended.
The present mind cannot be apprehended.
The future mind cannot be apprehended.


Because the past is gone.
Because the future is yet to come.
Because the present – before you can even pronounce the word ‘present’ – it is already gone, replaced by another present.

The mind is a temporal trinity.
There is no partition.
There is no past, no present, no future.
There is no time.
There is only change.

And we call this change –

About space and time

I dreamt.

I dreamt that I open my eyes and everything is here. Like a miracle.

The morning in my bedroom: a plain white ceiling, the shadow of a window grille on that plain white ceiling, an unlit lamp on the wall, the unhung painting of a tropical beach beside the wall, a wooden wardrobe, an empty reclining chair.

I see everything; they are all here, simultaneously.

Nothing moves. As if – time does not exist. There’s only the present. The gift. Of. Suspended white clouds in a boundless blue. Shadow of a window grille frozen on the ceiling. Unmoving wave over the painted beach. Closed wardrobe doors. Soundless air, empty smell.

Everything’s still and silent.

For an instant. Forever.

My body is resting on the bed. In the room. And the eternity and infinity of the room contains me; and the eternity and infinity of my mind contains the room which contains me.

Mind in the room. Room in the mind. A mutual swallowing. Like the yin-yang of a taichi diagram. Like the Ouroboros serpent eating its tail. I am inside this fractal. Conscious, aware, alone. Alone. Alone

No. I am everything and everything is me. I exist nowhere. I exist everywhere. I am inside the fractal. I am the fractal.

I am –

I am.

I am dreaming.

I am awakened.