Finding home

So I cried again today
Like I did then
And it doesn’t seem so different
Despite it all
The space and time apart
And it felt like I was crying yesterday
The same

Don’t ask me why
I don’t know how
To tell you about the journey
How does one explain life
How does one arrive
When there never was a destination waiting for anyone
Except death
Utopia is nowhere
And I was going nowhere
Dying, moving
Living and dancing
To keep on travelling
To that place of home
For a simple rest

The windows are closed
The wind is blowing
I know
I know because the trees are swaying in silence
Through the glass
The silence of rustling
The silence of sighs
The leaves are falling
And the leaves are flying
I can’t tell the difference

They will reach the ground
One day
They will.
It has been the same, always
Despite the difference
The appearance
It has always been the same.


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