The secret of letting go

Take a deep breath in.
Hold it for just a second.
Then, simply release.

The breath comes out on its own.
You don’t have to exhale intentionally.
It happens naturally.

The same goes for things kept in the heart.
Holding them in actually requires more effort.
A resistive effort that closes your heart.
Simply release.
Release all effort, as if you are dead.
And you’ve let them go.
The heart opens.

The problem is:
Most of us have been taught from young to make effort, to seize the day and to grasp opportunities.
We’ve been taught to hold on tight and never give up.
So our heart is closed and our mind is cramped.

To let go, simply release the effort.
The mind can thus flow again.
Like a clear stream.
In and out the open heart.

In Chinese, we call this 开心 – happiness.


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