Where is the middle?

Often we talked about the middle way, the centre, the golden mean, the median. But where exactly is this middle?

In the boundless, the middle is everywhere.
Only within limitations can the middle be exacted.


2 thoughts on “Where is the middle?

  1. Reblogged this on Shona Armstrong and commented:
    Interesting thoughts. I am not sure where is the middle.

    Bud within a flower- middle, centre?

    If I drew a circle, put a dot in the middle, centre. Yet, if I put a dot anywhere around the circle then surely is middle centre.

    Maybe middle is everything and everything is in the middle. Whether it be stationary or fluid. But then is everything really stationary?

    1. Those who seek the middle path will not find it the same place everytime. It is not absolute. It is arbitrary and relative. The bee goes to the ‘centre’ when the flower blooms. That ‘centre’ is no more when the flower’s gone. The bee goes elsewhere. And so it is with the middle path.

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