Dance dance dance

The physical universe is like one big dance.
And we are a part of it.
Dancers. Dancing. Together.

Some people hear the music. And they move in rhythm.
Some people only imitate the others. Following deafly insecurely.

What do you see?
What do you hear?



When you wake up in the morning, before you open your eyes, how do you know you are you?

Misunderstanding and loneliness

If you don’t need the world to understand you,
If you are not afraid of being misunderstood,
Then you are much liberated.

Yes, you would be lonely.
But loneliness is a helpful condition for enlightenment.
If you are serious on walking the spiritual path, be ready for loneliness and misunderstanding.

Disenchantment 2

How to deal with disenchantment?

Liberate yourself from that which used to enchant and control you.
Appreciate the new freedom.
Strip it bare and give away.
Don’t be afraid.
Give all away.

Give and keep giving.
Give until you come to that one ‘thing’ which can’t be given away.
That ‘thing’ is ‘you’.
The pure incorruptible ‘self’ which is the source of your true identity.

You are awaken.


Few people realise that disenchantment is a necessary stage to enlightenment.

Enchantments keep us in an illusory dream. To awaken, one needs to go through disenchantment.

However, disenchantment may also cause frustration and depression. What used to drive us (ecstatic and miserable) loses its magic.
We lose the old feeling of energy and elevation.
We are confronted with an existential crisis.

Instead of trying to hold on to that old and familiar illusion, venture on bravely into this new reality.
The source of your true identity is waiting.
Then, there is ‘death’ and spontaneous ‘rebirth’.


Are you tired?
Are you asking, “Why do I have to try so hard?”
You would just like to stop trying.

It may seem like you are taking on the whole world, fighting against everyone, that’s why it is so tiring.
But actually, most of your energy is expended fighting yourself.
It is your mind pitting against your mind, and a battle that will never come to a satisfactory victory.

Cease the internal conflict and your mind is at peace.
Awaken, and there would then be the swell of energy for you to change the world.


Consciousness is the platform that allows deconflicting to take place.

Different mental departments bring up their issues and concerns, and these problems and their associations are thus weighed and evaluated and resolved at conscious level.

Deconflicting allows the mind to be effective and productive.

Subdue the dragon, tame the tiger


Beware the dragon that surges through your body. It can drive you crazy.
Beware the tiger that hungers for sweet ecstasy. It can devour you whole.

The dragon is innate qi (炁). The tiger is raw fire (火).
Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger without fear and desire. Attachments only make it worse.


Until nirvana, we need to ride the beast to get going.
We need to feed it; we need it to be strong to accomplish what we want.

Yet we fear its strength.
We fear that we can’t control it and that we can’t get off the ride.

Tame the beast and we may get far.
Appeal only to its wilder nature and it would soon consume us.

Beginning of the end

The physical act of making love
Is violence
And in that repeated violence of love
His and hers: machinery of life synchronizes
Spinning faster and faster
To that point of singularity
Explodes a boundless ocean of ecstasy
The channel floods
The snakes released
Receiving the swimming in
They search blindly
For the fabled planet
One eventually penetrates
Through to the core
Brought with it half of God’s message
Fusing with the other:
Split and unite!

Thus it is spoken
And the words come true
The conquered planet divides
Folds and unfolds into a five-petal flower
Of head, arms and legs
Squeezed and delivered
Screaming to the new world

So, the heart beats
It grows
So, the heart beats
Like a drum
As life marches on
Around the motifs of feeding and fighting and fleeing and fucking
To the rhythm of fear and anger and elation and despair
Through the journey of birth and ageing and sickness and decay

The heart beats
It decays
Craving and clinging desperately
As life marches on
To the beating of the drum
To death
The baby descends grasping; the dying ascends releasing
And then with a last sigh
It gives itself up

There’s nothing to be brought along
For the body returns to dust
The body returns to dust.