Part of the secret of kundalini lies in metabolism and homeostasis.

Kundalini can be expressed as the yang that is born in the ultimate yin.



is not vacuum.

Emptiness is possibilities not yet manifested into being.
Undifferentiated. Undivided. W(hole).

Possibilities are limited by causes and conditions into probabilities, and defined by causes and conditions into events.

Stable events are called things because they have forms and patterns.
These forms and patterns are mandalas, taijis, fractals – a seeming integrated self.

But these ‘selfs’ all belonged to the one, which is none, which is emptiness.
And emptiness is all possibilities:
the potential to be.

Theatre of the mind: Scenes

Immersing and staying in a scene, the ‘self’ craves and averses and clings.

Detaching and observing the scene, the ‘self’ fits and makes sense of information, the mind flows naturally.

Thus give birth to the mind which stays not.
Fluid; flowing in rhythm:
It can’t be cut.
It can’t be caught.

This is the golden mean (中庸).
This is non-striving (无为).
This is the mind of the diamond sutra.


Words can’t hurt until we add meaning and allow them to.

When we are sleeping, whatever is said to us can’t hurt because no permission is given (we are asleep).
When ‘hurtful’ words are said to us in a language we don’t understand, they mean nothing unless we impose our own guesses.

Words are just symbols and sounds.
So how do words cause us to inflict suffering upon ourselves?

Cultivating wisdom of transience

Instead of perceiving ‘things’ as things (with a fixed existence),
perceive all of reality as events occurring.

The chair you are sitting on is not a ‘thing’.
It is a continuous event of molecular interaction. Energy is shifting.
The chair is continuously changing.

Things are merely labels we give to stable events that stay for a longer time.
There is no ‘thing’. Only events.

What drives us to put in effort?

Because of other people’s expectation and our fear of losing acceptance?

Because of our need to prove to ourselves and to others that we can do it?

Because success brings fame, wealth, status?

Because it is fun? Because it is meaningful?

Why do we put in effort in anything? Observe your mind in action and learn about yourself.