You can’t selectively numb negative emotions. They come from the same place.
You numb one and you numb them all, including the positive ones.

So, avoiding emotions may not be such a good idea.
Learning to appreciate them all might be a better one.


2 thoughts on “Numb

  1. Personal opinion (no shit):

    Emotional Alchemy
    Emotions, good or bad, involve ‘psychic energy’ that can either dissipate, accumulate, or be transmutated (think sublimation). Avoiding them will only lead to a build up and subsequent neurotic behavior as some sort of dissipation measure.
    Instead, one must transmutate.
    One must sublimate.
    Turn that ‘psychic’ energy into something more useful (you know, turn that lead into gold).
    But I suppose you already know that.

    1. Yes, one possible way of dealing with emotion is alchemy. Wisdom is required. The point of stillness where presence resides must also be found. If not, it’s very easy to be swept by the psychic storm.

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