Dealing with negative emotions

For mild emotion, simply let go and focus on your breathing.
Nothing can stay if you don’t invest attention on it. It has to go. Even emotion.
Don’t suppress it. Don’t cultivate.
Let it come as it naturally goes.

For deep and overwhelming emotion, listen to it. Listen to it with love.
It is an emotion cultivated yet buried over the years. It has a story to tell.
The telling of the story may take days or even months, but once it is completely told, that deep emotion goes away. It has done its job.
Listen with awareness. Don’t teach it what to do. Don’t invest attention on it.
Just listen.
And when the story’s done, it goes away. As everything does.

When you have attained wisdom, you can attend to emotion. You can invest attention on it. Because you can transform it.
Emotion is energy. Attention is energy.
With wisdom, you can use attentional energy to transform emotional energy into compassion, into kindness.
And with compassion and kindness, you relieve not just your own suffering but also that of others.
This is the power of wisdom.


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