No number of reasons can explain why you are here reading a blog written by a stranger staying on an island city along the equator.

This is the crossing of fate.
This is the existence of universe.

The causes leading to this fate are numerous and numinous.
It is called inexplicable.


Dealing with experiences

For all experiences manifested in consciousness, you can choose to:
transform them,
accept them,
disguise them,
suppress them.

The first two options are generally better than the last two.

If you don’t exercise your choice, your instinct and habit take over.

What is wisdom for?

Study the world, you receive worldly knowledge.
Study yourself, you receive personal wisdom.

What is wisdom for?

Ignorance is bliss. But we are too smart; we can’t stay absolutely ignorant for long.
Knowledge is suffering. And we suffer from too much knowledge in this world.
Wisdom is peace. This happiness of peace will only be with you when knowledge is transformed into wisdom.

Using life energy

The allocation priority of life energy is as follows:
1) security (both physically and mentally)
2) homeostasis
3) renewal

Meditators attain security by recognizing their pure ‘self’, which is indestructible and incorruptible.
Meditators attain homeostasis by maintaining proper diet and good practices.
When security and homeostasis are attained, a surge of life energy arises to renew the body/mind. Meditators who are calm and steady would be able to use this renewal life energy to transform their body and mind.

Zhuangzi’s monkeys


A man living with monkeys was about to feed them nuts.

“Morning three and night four,” he said.

All the monkeys were furious.

“Okay… morning four and night three then,” he said.

All the monkeys were delighted.


This is actually a story Zhuangzi used to scold (make fun) of people. He is saying that most people are like monkeys, easily manipulated.

When scolded, people get angry. When praised, people are joyful. But it’s all just words; there is no actual loss; yet the difference in emotions.

Just like the monkeys, it’s still seven nuts a day; there’s no actual loss. Yet the difference in emotions.

Thought and emotion

Thought and emotion are actually separate events. They are often associated together through learning, and therefore can be disassociated through learning too.

Thought arises from the mind.
Emotion arises from the body and is perceived as feeling.
Thought can trigger emotion and likewise the other way.

Intrusive thought disrupts us but doesn’t disturb us as negative emotion does.
So it might be easier to deal first with the emotion that accompany the thought then to deal directly with the thought itself.

Since emotion arises from the body, to ease the emotion you relax the body.