Embracing vulnerability

My thoughts after watching this video.

We all get hurt. But when we choose to numb hurt, we numb out joy and gratefulness and all other happiness too. We’ve shut down our ability to feel.

Recognize the original nature of self. That even as our mind/body hurts and is ashamed, we are actually not the ‘hurt’ or ‘shame’. We are the ‘thing’ that knows hurt and shame. Recognizing this original nature of self directly allows us that temporary indestructible sense of well-being.

And thus it allows us temporarily to embrace vulnerability.

And so when we embrace our emotions, all forms of happiness come along with the inevitable suffering. Life becomes full and rich and bittersweet. Our mind gains the experiential wisdom necessary to perceive the self and reality in proper perspective, such that even when that ‘indestructible sense of well-being’ has weakened, we are still able to lead a full and rich and bittersweet life.


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