The human being identity

Pure consciousness can probably be described as awareness of awareness.
It is the seed from which the plant of our identity sprouts.
It is the original nature of self.

And as long as we fail to recognize our original nature of self, we can’t fully accept everyone in the world as fellow human beings.
The mind will continue to cling on instinctively to tangible forms – creating a conceptual identity based on blood ties, skin colour, place of birth, sexual preference…

We will still form tribal affiliations; we will still discriminate and marginalise; we will still have conflicts and wars.

If we truly desire peace, we must see beyond the superficial race, religion, nationality and perceive the human being within.
We are named human beings because, ultimately, our true identity is ‘being’ (without any label behind it) and our incredible potential is ‘becoming’.
We do have a choice what we want our minds to become.

And how can we appreciate the beings we are?
By first recognizing the original nature of self – pure consciousness – the awareness of awareness.
And a very good way to start is: contemplate.


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