The importance of solitude

We need moments of solitude where we can listen to ourselves. To our mind’s voice.

When we are with others, we hear what the others are saying. We watch videos, we read the news… We are filled with other people’s voices that we can’t hear our own.

We can’t hear our own voice. And we don’t realise that our mind’s hurt.

We need to listen to what our mind has to say. Just like how we would like people to listen to us when we are hurting.
Don’t teach the mind what to do. Listen first. No matter how awful the things are said. (Your mind’s hurting.)
Listen to your mind’s voice. Listen compassionately. And with love.
Empathize with the hurt.

Like a child, after all the emotional outburst and whining, your mind will eventually calm down.
It is finally ready for change.
It is finally time to clean the psychological wounds.
It is finally time to teach the mind about change and healing.

This is the importance of solitude.


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