Change, continuity, constant

Despite the continuos change of our body and mind over time, there is a constant self that threads through our entire life.

It is the same self we were as a boy/girl. We can connect with our young selves in memory; we know we are essentially the same person.

What is that constant essence that remains unchanged?
It is the sensation of pure consciousness.
Witness that sensation, then you will truly know who you are. You will be enlightened to the true nature of self.


2 thoughts on “Change, continuity, constant

  1. Very true. I’ve found that this is the most effective meditation method for me.
    For years I thought, why meditate? Why should I try to still my thoughts?
    Or count my breaths? Or visualize?
    Until I was introduced to that method. Just look back at what is looking. That resonated with me.

    1. Yes, just look back at what is looking. It’s wonderful that you found a way to find the ‘thing’ that’s finding. Thank you for your comment.

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