We think too much about what others think of us.

The smart worry about appearing stupid.
The rich worry about appearing miserly.
The high-status worry about appearing uncultured.
So they are busy with the busi-ness of putting on a show, putting on a facade, putting on a mask.

What’s behind the show, the facade, the mask?
Nothing much.
Normal human beings that eat, shit, sleep and hurt.

If only people are enlightened to what their true self is, they would awaken to freedom.
For blessed are those who care naught what others think of them.

Why waste time and energy and give yourself stress worrying about other people’s thoughts?
Do they do you any good?


2 thoughts on “Appearances

    1. To me, enlightenment means gaining an insight to the nature of self, consciousness/mind and reality. It is wisdom gained, and though the mind and body are partly changed, they still function primarily as they are. And so, when a coconut falls on the enlightened master’s head, it stills hurt; the master still feels like shit (even if he/she knows that ‘thing’ which does not hurt or feel like shit).
      Enlightenment relieves us from ignorance; such that when suffering comes, we do not generate more self-inflicted hurt to ourselves, because we know what it is.
      Dukkha – the inherent unsatisfactoriness of everything.
      Anicca – nothing lasts forever; it’s always changing.
      Anatta – there’s nothing we can own because the self is an illusion.

      Yours is an interesting question but I’m not sure what you mean by ‘a perfect world’.
      I believe however that if everyone were enlightened, the world would surely be a more peaceful place.

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