Forget the story, it’s just energy

I think people with idealistic expectations of meditation would find this blog post useful –

Why does meditation make me angry?

And yes, as stated in that post: forget the story, it’s just energy.

There’s a part of our mind that spins and tells story, and our consciousness loves it because the story seems filled with meaning. That part of our mind is constantly trying to fit the pieces of jigsaw and presenting the resulting picture to consciousness as a coherent whole.

The coherence is an illusion of course.

(For those of a more scientific bent, I strongly recommend Daniel Kahneman’s book: Thinking fast and slow. I think it is one of the best psychology books written for lay people. The book describes many of the prejudices and biases of our mind.)


So, forget the story when you meditate; be aware of the current of energy moving in your body instead. Appreciate its flow and pattern and power. Accept it. And finally, act to use this energy for goodness.

Awareness. Appreciation. Acceptance. Action.


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