Our self-worth is tied to how much we are loved by others.
And as children, we begin to love and value ourselves only when significant others begin to love us.
So for people who have received much unconditional love when young, they tend to have high self-worth.

However, as we grow up, we begin to doubt the meaning of self-worth:
Is the value of our lives determined by others? What is our value?
We soon realised that self-worth is only a concept invented by our mind.
But it is a powerful concept, such that even as we doubt it, its constant control over our thoughts and actions is undiminished.

The one way to dispel this concept of self-worth is to meditate and be awakened.
In awakening, you would witness the pure sensation which the mind identifies as ‘self’. It is the core which a schema of your ‘self’ is built upon.
And after awakening, you would realise that this core is empty. The true ‘self’ actually has no worth, no esteem, no name, no pride. It is just a sensation of nothing.
And so, self-worth is dispelled. You are able to live independently of others. You are able to live free.
For until you have found the mechanism that builds the self-schema and then switched it off, it’s only a matter of time when self-worth returns to affect you.
You may have dispelled self-worth but it’s not dead. It can cast its spell over you again when its strength is restored.

Nirvana is extinguishment – when you have switched off all the burning mechanisms of your mind that imprison you.
Nirvana is the ultimate liberation.
Enlightenment is only the beginning of the ultimate end we call nirvana.


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