What are your core ideals?

Core ideals are powerful and deep-rooted beliefs that drive you subconsciously to build your life around them.

It is devastating when someone discovers his core ideal to be unattainable or false. It is as if his life is falling apart, like a house of cards. Reality just doesn’t seem to make sense anymore.
(An example would be when your boyfriend or girlfriend says he/she doesn’t love you.)

The problem is: it’s terribly difficult to identify what your core ideals are. They are ingrained deeply into the psyche by your experiences, by the media, by your parents and teachers and friends.
They operate at the back of your mind and won’t surface easily to consciousness. Such that when you suffer that existential crisis, you can’t quite tell the reason why. You just feel hollow inside or your soul being torn apart.

Meditate to identify your core ideals. Be constantly aware of these powerful beliefs driving your every action.
When your core ideals are in operation, they are often accompanied by strong emotions. Search behind these emotions.
Meditate to align them to the truth of reality. When these ideals are firm and faithful to the truth, your world won’t fall apart. The core is unshakeable.


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