Meditation: Detachment

What is detachment?

When someone says something hurtful to you, your mind may broadcast the sensation of anger to consciousness.
If you identify with this sensation, your entire being follows.
You become angry.
It is no longer just a sensation; it becomes a state of being.
Your mind becomes angry too.
Your body becomes angry too.
The fire of anger burns and consumes your entire being.
Simply because consciousness attaches and identifies with the sensation.

If instead consciousness sits rooted on its throne of awareness and observes the sensation of anger like watching a movie – this is detachment.
Consciousness is not angry. It is only observing.
Your entire being follows.
Your mind is not angry.
Your body is not angry.
You are only observing.

Sooner or later the sensation of anger runs out of its own fuel and the fire sputters and dies out. You are no longer aware of it. It’s gone.

So, just as long as you don’t attach to and feed any sensation with attention energy, the fire will definitely die out without consuming your entire being.
Because you are detached from it.


What is detachment?

When you experience something negative, you don’t become negative.
You simply observe and remain aware.
When you experience something positive, you don’t become positive.
This is detachment.


Of course it is simple in theory.
It is the practice that’s important.
That is why in your daily meditation, learn to shift your consciousness backward and downward to sit on the throne of awareness.
Train it to stay there in detachment.
Be skillful in detachment.
So that when the real moment of test comes, you can remain detached in observation without catching fire.


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