Phenomenon: Samsara and retribution

The law of physics dictates that all physical manifestations go through the cycle of birth, growth, decay and death. This cycle is samsara.

There’s nothing we can do for our body. It is bound by this physical law: bound to decay and die.
It is different for our mind, however. Our mental world manifests according to its own rules.
It is possible for our mind to escape samsara and enter the birthless and deathless state.
It is only in ignorance that the instinctive mind follows this physical law and impose it on itself.

How can we witness the birthless-deathless state and educate our mind?
Simply let go.
Stop following.
Stop feeding all mental formations with attention energy.
They will thus stop growing, and so decay and die.
The sense gates close.
The thoughts quieten.
Then, there will eventually come a fleeting instant of great emptiness – after the death of everything and before the birth of anything.
A glimpse of the birthless and deathless.
And the mind is enlightened.

After this the rest is just a matter of persistent practice to eradicate old habits.
So that when the moment of our body’s death approaches, we can truly rest in peace.
For samsaric retribution is escaped.


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