Phenomenon: The power of faith

A key quality of consciousness is knowing, and so it dislikes uncertainty which it can’t know.

Consciousness is always trying to define things into definite forms.
Consciousness is always trying to realize possibilities into real certainty.
Thus we find ourselves doubting when things don’t fit and worrying when things are unknown.

Faith allows us to stop doubting and worrying in the face of uncertainty.
Faith allows our mind to rest.
However, there are different types of faith.

Faith born of authority is unreliable. You shouldn’t believe what someone says simply because he is an authoritative figure.
Faith born of investigation is strong. You should always test and pursue the truth all the way for it to be unshakeable.
Faith born of direct experience is impressive. Your mind does not care about logic; it only learns from experience.

Therefore, when someone tells you something important, don’t accept it on blind faith.
Investigate it thoroughly. Experience it directly.
Then you will believe and no longer waver.


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