Education: About pleasure

There is nothing wrong with pleasure actually. It is not something to be feared and avoided. The main problem about pleasure is that humans have a tendency to be attached to it.

What happens when the mind claims the pleasure it is experiencing at the moment as its personal possession?
The mind becomes attached to it.
But no one can ever possess pleasure. It is a fleeting sensation that comes and go. It is transient and impermanent.
To be strongly attached to something transient is to suffer. Because you are bound to lose that something. You can never possess it.
And so, pleasure causes anxiety and craving in many people. This is the misery of addiction.

So how do we deal with pleasure then?
Enjoy it as it comes.
Don’t fear it. Don’t try to avoid it. But neither do you try to prolong it. For when it is time for pleasure to go, simply let it go. You can’t stop it. Holding on to pleasure stubbornly only diminishes the sensation.
Don’t crave for it when it is gone. Don’t keep thinking about it. As in all things transient, pleasure will visit you again in its own time.
This is the enjoyment of pleasure in peace.


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