Meditation: Teaching the mind

There are those engaging in meditation whose purpose is to subdue the mind as if it were the enemy.
The truth is that, for most of us, our ordinary mind is actually eager to help, a faithful companion of habits, although ignorant and easily impressed with pleasure.
The problem is thus ignorance, not defiance.

The mind does not listen to rules or reasons or theories. You can’t think your way out of fear or anger or lust or delusion.
The mind only learns from experience, and so the mind should be taught through experiential practices.

Let conscious effort lead the experiential practice and your mind will follow. When the experience is repeated sufficiently, your mind follows effortlessly. This is how meditation should be.

One of the goals in meditation is synchrony.
Synchronizing mind with consciousness.
Synchronizing body with mind.

This is what we should teach our mind.


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