School of life: Escapism or confrontation?

Some say renunciation is escapism.
Some say leaving the city to seek truth is escapism.
But it is equally possible to say that, remaining in the city and ignoring the burning questions is real escapism.

For there will come a stage in everyone’s life when he/she feels lost, when he/she feels that something is wrong:
“Why is the world like this?”
“Why am I here?”
“Why do I suffer?”

And the quest for meaning always begins with questions.

We can choose to ignore and forget these questions, to escape from ourselves through the city’s many games:
the game of money.
the game of prestige.
the game of power.
the game of sex.

We can choose to play our troubles away, continuously. Or we can choose to confront our doubts and ignorance, to find peace and rest deep within.

Seeking truth is not escapism.
Seeking truth requires courage.
The courage to confront the darkest places of the mind, and the darkest aspects of humanity.
For the bravest and strongest among us conquers not the world, but his own self.


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