Reality: Identity, attachment, ego

There is a sensation of self, which seems separated from the body.
It is the sensation of ‘I’.

When the mind is aware of this sensation, it defines this sensation to be itself – generating the perception of ‘I’.

This perception of ‘I’ is the seed of our identity. It is our core identity.
Through interaction with our environment, this core identity becomes contaminated – it forms attachment to things.

The core identity and all its attachments are collectively known as ego – a conceptual network of self.
Ego is the perception of ‘me’.

One of the goals of meditation is to differentiate between these two perceptions: the ‘I’ from the ‘me’.

When the core identity is recognized through direct experience, the ego is dispelled. The person can thus begin to cleanse his/her identity of illusory attachments.
A person cleansed of attachments live in peace and bliss.


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