Phenomenon: Decision-making

Conscious decisions are made through the process of telling stories to ourselves.
And ego, our conceptual self, is simply a story of me.


Education: The journey of self-discovery

The first best thing in life is to discover yourself.
Many people instead feel the urge to get rich first.
Knowing themselves is put off for a later point in their future when they have more time.

The journey of self-discovery needs to begin as soon as we are aware that we have much yet to learn.
Putting off this journey will affect everything.

– adapted from a blog comment by ‘Their 21st Century Shaman’

Reality: Nature of reality

Reality has two aspects – energy and code.
The nature of energy is chaos (possibility wave).
The nature of code is order (variable condition).

Code defines energy into form.
Form is thus manifested and conveniently named event or entity.
The code embedded in an event/entity is temporarily stable – locks the energy into a pattern.

However, code is energy. Energy is also code. They are two aspects of the same reality.

Education: The realization of freedom

I think we should teach students about freedom.
That we don’t have to succumb.
Succumb to the body, to the society, to the ego.
That we don’t have to react.
But rather, we choose to act.
Despite pleasure.
Despite pain.
Despite death.

We should teach students that the absence of rules doesn’t make us free, but subjects us instead to the tyranny of might.
We should teach students that the absence of external controls doesn’t make us free as long as we are the prisoners of our own thoughts and feelings.

We should teach students that freedom comes from within, not without.
That it is the realization of our will that liberates us.
That liberation arrives at the precise moment when we awaken to choice.
We should teach students that freedom is the will to choose.
Despite desire.
Despite anger.
Despite fear.

We should teach students to stop demanding for freedom.
We should teach students to realize: they are already free.

And what is the responsibility of freedom?
To fill the world with truth, love and beauty.

This is what we should teach students.