Education: Coverting people

Rather than converting people from one organized religion to another organized religion, we should try to convert people from misery to happiness, from bondage to liberation and from cruelty to compassion.

– S. N. Goenka


Spirituality: What drives you?

Most people are driven by the energy of reaction, mainly desire, fear, passion.
These are powerful drives, but often, reacting causes suffering in the long run.

Instead, nurture the energy seeds of love and kindness.
Act to give.
They are subtle drives, yet more often, happiness comes to you and stays longer.

Reality: The movement of time

Many people think that time progresses from the past to the present; that our today comes after yesterday is gone.
They think this is logical.

But what is our actual experience of life?
It is that, time flows from our present to the past. Yesterday is only something we remember and think about when today is gone.

Phenomenon: Robin Williams – the alien

He played an alien so well because he was an alien in his own mind, permanently auditioning to be one of us.

Most people imagine that resolving particular problems will make them happy. If only one had more money, or love, or success, then life would feel manageable. It can be devastating to realize the falseness of such tempered optimism. A great hope gets crushed every time someone reminds us that happiness can be neither assumed nor earned; that we are all prisoners of our own flawed brains; that the ultimate aloneness in each of us is, finally, inviolable.

– Andrew Solomon in the article Suicide, a crime of loneliness

Story: The kite who broke free

A kite finally broke free from the string tying her to earth. She flew free in the vast air, and in the rush of joy.
Happy, she thought, until the slow creep of fear consumed her whole –
That it’s all too unreal.
And that one day the wind would stop.
No one would carry her.
She would fall.
Flat on the ground.
Lost in a foreign place.
And never to fly again.