What’s favourite?

Kiyoko used to think cookies-and-cream ice cream was her absolute favourite, until she ate her fourth cone and felt like puking.

There’s no such thing as an all-time favourite food.

Slave of my slave

A forest deer escaped to an imam who was meditating by a huge tree.
The imam wrapped it hidden in his cloak.

Soon the king and his hunting entourage arrived, and the king asked: “Have you seen a deer running past?”
The imam gave no reply.

Furious, the king bellowed: “I am the king of this land! How dare you not answer my question!”

“Slave of my slave, why should I obey you?” the imam said.

Slave of your slave? What do you mean by that?”

“For years now I have mastered desire and made it my slave,” the imam replied to the king, “but you are still slave to desire. Doesn’t that make you a slave of my slave?”

The king was stunned for a while. Then he laughed.
He bowed respectfully and called off the hunt.