The right way

The right way isn’t so much about the pathway we are to walk on but the way we go about walking the path.

The aggregate

We can’t predict a single toss of the coin – whether it will be head or tail.

But we can predict the aggregate of a 100 tosses – that about 50 will be head and 50 will be tail.

Where is my face?

A handsome man wakes up one morning to look at himself.
He stares at the mirror in shock:
“What’s this? Where did my real face go?”

There is a face in the mirror, but the man has already decided: it’s not his.
It’s just a reflection in the mirror. Not the actual thing.

He then takes out a camera and snaps a selfie.
Looking at the photo, he concludes: it’s not his face too.
It’s only a digital image of lighted pixels. Not the actual thing.

By this time he is in a state of panic.
For he realises what a deluded life he’s been leading all this while, believing that reflections and images are his real face when they are merely illusory representations. He has actually never seen his own real face.

“What is my real face? How is it really like? How can I ever see it?”